Stay Mad Orange ORIGINAL PAINTING - 6"X6"

Stay Mad Orange ORIGINAL PAINTING - 6"X6"


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When society hates on you for the lips and features you were born with, then turns around and copies you. Tell em to Stay Mad! We won’t let their hatred of us stop us from living our best lives!

  • Hand painted and signed

  • Acrylic and ink on canvas

  • FREE SHIPPING to USA and Canada!

  • Includes signed Certificate of Authenticity

  • Includes FREE stickers!

  • Size 6”x6”

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All copyright and reproductive rights are retained by the artist. This artwork may not be reproduced by any process whatsoever without the expressed written permission of the artist.

About the artist

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I hope to use my culture and my experience to make the world a little bit more colourful, one painting at a time
— M.Falconer

M.Falconer is a self-taught visual artist who has been painting for over three years. Her art is inspired by Black culture and Pop Culture and fosters a sense of self-love, identity and self-expression. Learn more...


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