About M.Falconer

M.Falconer is a self-taught visual artist who has been painting for four years. Her art is inspired by Black culture and Pop Culture and fosters a sense of self-love, identity and self-expression.

M.Falconer started painting in 2014 as an outlet for her creativity. Her first painting was a portrait of her mother that she gifted to her for mother's day. Her mother loved it so much that M.Falconer decided to create more portraits as gifts for her friends. Before she knew it, friends, family and acquaintances were commissioning her original paintings. 

Toronto, July 2017

Toronto, July 2017

Passion to Purpose

In 2015 M.Falconer started sharing her artwork on social media and she soon started to garner attention from art lovers worldwide. The high demand for her art prompted her to officially launch mfalconer.com. Since then, M.Falconer has produced over 70 commissions and over 35 original pieces. Her art has been featured in Nuit Blanche, Blavity, HipHopDx, and countless online publications. 

Fast forward to June 2018, where M.Falconer acquired an official studio space in Toronto. Monday to Friday you'll find her there passionately working on new artwork and building her fast growing art business. 

First art show, July 2015


Historically, People of Colour (POC) have been underrepresented in the media. This is true even within the art industry. Because of this, POC are always looking for ways to represent themselves and their culture. M.Falconer is a Black artist who has identified with this struggle and aims to fill the void for people like her. By creating pop art paintings based on Black culture, POC will now have a new source from which to express themselves and their Blackness. In essence, M.Falconer’s paintings are bold, colourful and powerful think pieces that speak to the culture.

M.Falconer Studios, Toronto, July 2018

M.Falconer Studios, Toronto, July 2018

Views for the Future

M.Falconer’s mission is to use art to empower POC and to speak for the culture. The vision is for M.Falconer to be globally recognized as a lifestyle brand that represents Black culture and Pop culture through bold and colourful art!